Five outputs (IO1-5) will be developed during the project and be ready to use on its completion.

1. New knowledge framework (IO1) : the current knowledge framework related to clinical foot biomechanics and foot therapeutic insole practice is outdated, disproven and a there is a major risk to professional standing and standards of clinical care. The current knowledge framework is too often divorced from the opportunities that digital technologies offer, a situation reinforced by low levels of digital literacy in some professional disciplines and territories.

2. New undergraduate and postgraduate curricula to integrate the knowledge framework (IO1) into pedagogical material dedicated to the subject: “Digital skills for clinical practice: foot orthosis and communication with the patients” (IO2) and “Digital skills for business practice: entrepreneurial skills for students” (IO3).

3. Teacher training “Digital skills of teachers/educators to support the future digitally literate foot health workforce” (IO4) to integrate the new digitally based knowledge framework (IO1), and materials from IO2 and IO3 into the educational practices of teachers.

4. web-based platform (IO5) to connect foot health students, researchers and teachers in a peerto- peer transnational digital learning community.